Optimizing Your Morning Routine with Mindhoney

Optimize Morning Routine

Optimizing Your Morning Routine with Mindhoney

Morning Serving Recommendations

Optimal Serving Time
  • Best time to take Mindhoney (2 capsules) is in the morning around 45-60 minutes prior to starting work
  • This gives the nootropic formulation time to absorb and synergistically start working to improve cognitive function

Drink Water
  • For optimal productivity & flow state, hydrating in the morning is key.
  • We recommend drinking 12-24oz of water in the morning with your serving
    • We like to call this an “Internal Shower” :)
  • Dehydration has been linked to an inability to focus, afternoon fatigue, sleep issues, and a decrease in mental clarity (aka “brain fog”)
Light Meal
  • We recommend eating a light meal in the morning with your serving of Mindhoney (yogurt or toast or oatmeal... you get the idea)
    • Fasting: If you usually fast in the morning, which a lot of our customers do, then we recommend not making any changes to your morning routine/fasting schedule
    • Avoid Big Breakfasts: Eating a large breakfast in the morning can cause postprandial somnolence (aka "food coma"), which causes your blood sugar to rise & energy levels to decrease. For most individuals, the optimal productivity timeframe is between 8-11am. Eating a large breakfast in the morning, causes the body to allocate your optimal morning energy towards digesting the meal, which in return decreases your morning productivity.

Morning Routine Recommendations

Cold Exposure
    • Warm Showers help to relax muscles and relieve respiratory symptoms. Whereas, Cold Showers help to reduce inflammation & fatigue, improve circulation, and lower stress levels.
    • We recommend turning the shower temperature to COLD for the last 2 minutes. By doing this, you're creating a "body shock" which boosts your oxygen intake, heart rate, blood flow, & alertness.
Optimal Sunlight
    • Exposing your body to sunlight in the morning triggers a neural circuit that reduces cortisol levels, which helps to reduce stress & anxiety. 
    • For optimal productivity and stress management, it's important to get sunlight for at least 10-15 minutes in the morning. Being outside for sunlight exposure is more effective than through a window due to glass filtering out some of the ultraviolet light that assists with setting your internal circadian clock. (and of course, never directly stare at the sun or any light so bright that it hurts)
    • Setting your internal circadian clock: Your body has a circadian clock, which has an internally driven 24-hour rhythm that tends to run longer than 24 hours but resets every day by the sun's light/dark cycle. By exposing your body to sunlight in the morning, you're alerting your circadian clock that it's time to start your day - Triggering your brain to perform at a higher level.
    • We recommend a nice 10-15 minute morning walk to get optimal light exposure, increase blood flow, and warm up your heart rate for a productive day.
Morning Stretch
    • Increase brain function & blood flow: During sleep, your brain and muscles are at rest. In order to fully function, you need to get blood flowing throughout your body and into your brain. Stretching in the morning after waking will help increase blood flow and encourage the body to better perform your everyday cognitive activities.
    • Improve posture: By stretching in the morning, you're actually helping your muscles relax. Tense muscles are what lead to poor posture and stretching helps to relax your muscles by lengthening their ability to keep your back in better shape & improving your overall body posture throughout the day.
    • Link to stretch recommendations:
Focus Music
    • Binaural beats are a type of brain-wave focused music that taps into your beta waves. Beta brain waves are the fastest frequency of brainwaves (13-40 Hz).
    • Studies show that binaural beats increase a person’s working memory by helping the brain organize and retain information that is stored throughout the day for successful reasoning, comprehension and goal-directed behavior. They can also help with relieving anxiety & enhancing cognitive focus and creativity.
    • Research suggests that binaural beats with 40 hertz (hz) are the most optimal for enhancing focus & productivity.
    • Researchers also claim that listening to classical music can help increase task efficiency. This theory, known as "the Mozart Effect" suggests that listening to classical music can enhance brain activity & improve health and well-being.
    • Here's some of our favorite focus playlists:

Night Routine Recommendations

Do-Not-Disturb Settings

    • For improved sleep, mood, and productivity, we recommend setting the Do-Not-Disturb duration in your phone settings to turn on an hour prior to when you usually fall asleep & turn off an hour after you usually wake up
      • For example: If you usually fall asleep at 10pm & wake up at 7am, we recommend setting your D-N-D duration to be active from 9pm-8am

Mindhoney is an all-natural nootropic supplement formulated with a blend of adaptogens & vitamins specifically designed to enhance daily cognitive performance, health, and functionality