HABITS: 6 Steps To Achieve Your Goals (Part 4/4)

Achieving Better Habits [4]

Mindhoney works best when you take it daily. But implementing a new supplement into your busy routine isn’t easy.

This is where habit stacking comes in.

In his bestselling book, Atomic Habits, James Clear makes the case for stacking a new habit on top of one you already have.

James Clear wanted to make a habit of calling his mom more often, but he couldn’t seem to find the time. He always found the time to eat lunch, however. He decided to call his mom for a few minutes while he ate lunch.

That’s how you stack a habit.

If you don’t already have a solid daily supplement routine, adding in Mindhoney through habit stacking is a good idea.

When I started taking Mindhoney, I intentionally placed it where I would see it in the bathroom.

It sits on the shelf right in front of me when I use the bathroom, and since I don’t have anything better to do in that moment, it’s an easy add.

Think of a daily habit you already have—it could be booting up your computer, making morning coffee, or exercising.

By intentionally placing Mindhoney next to one of these daily habits, it’ll become much easier to make a new habit of taking it daily.

Again, taking Mindhoney won’t miraculously turn you into a productivity machine overnight. But it will help you maximize your focus and clarity to make the most of the other habits you’re building.

Here’s a quick process to build a new habit based on what we discussed:

1.) Identify one main goal you have for the next 90 days.
2.) Work backward to find a daily action to help you reach that goal.
3.) Place a cue to remind you of that action.
4.) Place a reward to help motivate you to complete that action.
5.) Make your new habit small and simple to start—it will grow later.
6.) Stack your new habit onto an existing habit to increase its effectiveness.


It’s important to not get discouraged.

Discouragement leads to demotivation, and demotivation is the killer of habits.

If you forget to take Mindhoney for a few days, or fail to take action on your goals for a week, don’t let that discourage you.

Instead, try to understand what factors led to your lack of consistency.

Was there no cue for your new habit? Was it too difficult to take action on?

Think about what went wrong. Then, redesign the environment around your habit to give it the best chance of success.

We’re in this together—not only the team at Mindhoney, but the community of creators and innovators who take Mindhoney every day.

We know how difficult it can be to stay focused on your goals, especially when it feels like everyone else is crushing their goals with no issues.

Rest assured, this isn’t true.

Everyone has bad days. Everyone battles demotivation. Everyone struggles.

We’re all slowly building successful habits together.


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