OPTIMIZING TIME: The Big 3 for Time Optimization (Part 3/4)

How To Optimize Your Time [3]

“A wealth of information creates a poverty of attention.”

Nobel laureate economist Herbert A. Simon famously said this in…1971.

If this was true in 1971, how much more true is it today?

This is why we need The Big 3.

The Big 3 is an idea from Michael Hyatt’s book Free To Focus.

It encourages people to settle on three meaningful tasks for the day.

Just three!

If we can decide on three tasks that will meaningfully impact our business or creativity, even if nothing else gets done, we’ll know we made progress that day.

The alternative is playing ping pong with an endless barrage of tasks and messages, making us feel busy but ultimately unsatisfied with our progress.

The Big 3 is especially important in light of our limited mental focus.

Whether we’re accomplishing important tasks or not, our mental focus gets drained by the end of the day.

And if we reach the end of the day without accomplishing anything meaningful, and with no quality focus left, it’s a lost day.


Are you an overachiever?

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