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Dose by Mindhoney®

Dose by Mindhoney®
Andy Hoover
Yay Mushrooms!

For real though. This stuff works!

Dose by Mindhoney®
Traci Schank
Also good for...

Love the added bonus of calming my adrenals - something you certainly will not find taking Adderall.

Dose by Mindhoney®

Greatly improved mood and energy in the morning.

Overall, I did not see a difference in mental clarity or focus. Nor did I see a change in my energy levels. I am a little disappointed to see the least. I saw more of a difference when I used Ryze.

Dose by Mindhoney®
Luna Sanford
bye bye enegy drinks

used to drink 2-3 red bulls everyday... now only taking mindhoney


Functional Mushrooms

Has all the top mushrooms in it

Dose by Mindhoney®
Sarah Bertholet
Works great to help focus

Finished a project at work in record setting time.

Dose by Mindhoney®
Jennifer Muchler
Works great!

I bought this hoping that it would help with energy and focus, but also maintaining some level of skepticism. After a couple of days in, I actually did start to notice increased focus and energy! Not only were these aspects of my life increasing, but I did not have some of the side effects that I would feel while taking Adderall (racing heart, inability to sleep). I took my last pills yesterday and I just ordered a new bottle!

Dose by Mindhoney®
Theo Scates
Best nootropic on the market

I’ve tried several other products of this nature, they had horrible side effects. For example, most just have high amounts of caffeine to “perk” you up, others upset my stomach leaving me unable to accomplish anything this defeating the purpose of this kind of product. Mindhoney does none of this, plus it has all the products recommended for nootropics, not just some trendy mushrooms and caffeine. I love this product.

Dose by Mindhoney®
abigail okui
Focus focused

Great product, would highly recommend

Dose by Mindhoney®
Claudia Umlauf
Great Stuff

I was impressed by this product. As a long time user of ADHD medication, I sought natural solutions. Mindhoney blew me away. My mind was on point. It took me sometime to trust that my brain could function optimally without stimulants. This supported my journey to a healthy brain that is improving every day.

Dose by Mindhoney®
Julie Driver
This helps so much

I'm 54 new diagnosed with ADHD (wow that explains a lot in my life). In the weeks I waited for an appointment for diagnosis and possible medication I started taking this product! I saw such a difference. My mind is quieter. I can do the things. (still not ALL of the things-but the fact I am doing some of them is a major win). This is my 3rd month and I do not plan on stopping my subscription EVER!

In love with this product!

I am getting so much done and love how I feel now. Audhd and so productive now. Thanks!

Took a little while to see noticeable results, but I am pleased with what I am seeing now.

For me this product didn’t do any of the advertised promises, I’m not going to knock it but it just didn’t

Dose by Mindhoney®
Maria Sierra

Dose by Mindhoney®

Great so far

Maybe it would help someone else but I don’t feel any difference

Dose by Mindhoney®
Colleen Lavery
It works!

I feel less brain fog, more focus, and longer work stamina. I’m a 57 year old active woman. Desk worker. :)

Dose by Mindhoney®
Sheri Manlapit
This product is life changing

I tried this thinking why not ?, it’s got some great ingredients. After taking this for a week the energy & focus are increased, no jitters or crash ! This is amazing ! I will not go without it.

The jury is still out on this

Amazing product not sure how I functioned without it.

Dose by Mindhoney®
Brennan Moser
5 Stars

Since getting on dose, it has been essential in my daily work routines. Staying focused is not a problem and productivity is definitely up!