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Product FAQ's

Nootropics are a supplement, drug, or substance that researchers believe help to support improving memory, concentration, thought patterns and increase overall cognitive functioning. The word "Nootropic" (pronounced 'new-tropic') was first coined in 1972 by Corneliu Giurgeo, a Romanian neuroscientist. Giurgeo believed that smart pills should be developed and freely available, used to boost the brains of the general population, and increase human intelligence. Nootropics provide the perfect boost for productivity in any field of study or work and can be used as a "Nootropic Stack". Nootropic Stacks consist of two or more Nootropics taken together to create a stronger effect than individual nootropics alone and work together to enhance the cognitive effects of the formulation.

Each serving of Mindhoney is two capsules - If you're caffeine-sensitive, we recommend taking just one capsule on your first dose to see how you feel.

We recommend Mindhoney for anyone over the age of 18 due to the natural green tea in the formulation and because most individuals under the age of 18 don't consume natural caffeine on a daily basis.

Each capsule contains 50mg of natural green tea caffeine.

We recommend consulting with your medical doctor before taking Mindhoney if you are pregnant, nursing, and/or taking any other medications. Always best to check with your doctor prior to making any adjustments to your pregnancy or medication routine.

Mindhoney is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. 

We recommend taking Mindhoney in the morning, preferably with water and a light meal.

Every bottle of Mindhoney contains 30 servings (60 capsules).

Most of our customers feel the cognitive effects of Mindhoney within the first 5-7 days of taking the product. Mindhoney's functional mushrooms & adaptogenic herbs also support long-term benefits when taking the product daily.

Yes, Mindhoney's formulation is Keto-Friendly and made with all-natural ingredients!

Yes, Mindhoney's all-natural formulation is gluten-free & soy-free!

Each serving of Mindhoney (2 capsules) contains 100mg of natural caffeine extracted from green tea. If taking caffeine is not a part of your daily routine, we recommend taking just one capsule (50mg of natural caffeine) on your first dose and seeing how you feel. If you are caffeine sensitive or have any health conditions, we recommend consulting with your doctor before trying Mindhoney.

No, the mushrooms used in Mindhoney's formulation are functional mushrooms and do not contain any psychoactive properties. Functional mushrooms are completely legal and safe to consume. Psilocybin (or "Magic Mushrooms") are a type of mushroom that has psychedelic properties - Mindhoney's formulation does not contain any of these psilocybin mushrooms.

Our organic mushroom extracts are sourced from Nammex, our mushroom partners based in Canada. Since 1989, Nammex has pioneered the development and manufacture of mushroom extracts for the health and wellness industry. Nammex specializes in mushroom products and is the premier supplier of organically certified mushroom extracts. Nammex focuses entirely on mushrooms, having been able to identify the active compounds in our products with an aggressive program of research and development.

Mindhoney is based out of Santa Monica, California! Check out our Instagram page:


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