GOALS: Reason #3 - You Made The Logical Choice (Part 3/4)

Setting & Achieving Goals [3]

Another huge reason we quit on our goals is because it’s the logical choice.

It takes time for our goals to bring positive benefits back to us. The first few weeks at the gym bring a lot of soreness but no gains.

The first few weeks I spent publishing left me with less time and a bunch of subpar articles.

This isn’t a big deal if we push through for long enough to see the benefits.

But the trouble comes when we commit to a goal indefinitely. Because there are no benefits, there’s a lot of pain, and there’s no end in sight.

If your brain feels like it signed up for pain with no benefit forever, it’ll do everything it can to demotivate you.

You’ll start to second guess yourself. Eventually, you’ll make the logical decision to quit.

This is why committing to a goal for a short period of time is so effective.

A light at the end of the tunnel gives us enough motivation to push through the pain, even when there’s no visible benefit yet. After we push through the pain to achieve our goal, we’ll see a garden of benefits.

Don’t get mad at yourself for feeling demotivated.

Understand that you were just being logical.

Instead, next time you set a goal, put a short time frame on it.

Give yourself a light at the end of the tunnel to look to as you push through the pain.


Are you an overachiever?

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