GOALS: Reason #4 - It Wasn't The Right Goal (Part 4/4)

Setting & Achieving Goals [4]

Quitting isn’t always bad.

Sometimes, the reason your goal flopped is because it wasn’t the right goal for you.

Before I started writing daily I tried a lot of other things. I performed music. I created travel videos. I recorded various podcasts. I made self-development videos.

For various reasons at various stages, I quit all of these things.

At first I saw those as failures. In a way, they were. But in a deeper way, they were successes. They taught me lessons about what I loved and why. They showed me avenues to creativity that I still use today.

If it weren’t for those goals I quit, I may never have found writing as my main goal.

This is another reason why it’s strategic to commit to a goal for a short period of time. Because afterward you can asses whether to not that goal was the right one for you.

Next time you set a goal, take into account your previous failed goals.

  • What did you learn from them?
  • How will this goal be different?
  • What can you take into your new goal?

How to achieve your next goal

Next time you set a goal, consider the reasons your last goal flopped. Did you keep your goal to yourself? Were you too ambitious? Was your mind simply being logical? Was it not the right goal for you?

Instead, next time you set a goal, make sure you:

  • Tell a friend
  • Ask them check in with you
  • Choose a realistic goal—don’t be too ambitious to start!
  • Set an end date for the first phase of your goal
  • Consider if your new goal is right for you (based on your past failures)

Our only goal at Mindhoney is to see you achieve yours.


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